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Investor relations services for companies include full support to help management develop and keep satisfying relations with existing shareholders as well as with new potential investors, from consulting and planning to complete maintenance of all operating activities and fund raising. Usually we create and cover all of the services described below for you, but also we can do some of the activities in order to boost your investor relation process.

1. Consulting

For the beginning, we consult you with the purpose, aim and benefits having Investor relation team or function. By the law, every company need to have some activities focused on relationship with investors and public, while there is a lot of different types of regulation and standards depending on the state and stock exchange level. We help you optimized those within your wishes and needs. We also examine outscoring the whole team and service or establishing existing and adding up to help the department or top level management. We go through all the process and specific services in order to establish the right approach, strategy and optimize cost structure.

2. Financial Calendar Planning

Invest-in-Serbia create, monitor and update financial calendar in terms of all events and official meeting of management, analyst and investors. Every serious company has this activity and this is continual process where experience can help more than expertise.

3. Financial Reporting and Presentation

We offer complete financial writing and reporting services as well as presentations for all types of stakeholders. This is done for every earnings update event with full business report and complete presentation and support to those who need to step in front of investors. We are also able to cover those functions for you, to defend results and show in a way that is both interesting and according to the regulations. We constantly follow the rules, the law, regulations with legal and accounting team, have the resources and knowledge to timely and efficiently apply those to your needs.

Usually, pressures to deliver and follow all the regulations take much of the time and energy of the management when CEO and his directors need to focus on business and operations. That’s why, from our experience, we established those outsourcing services where we can satisfy our passion for investing and communication, while also helping you focus on strategy and core business development. Your supplementary operations are our core operations! By building relations using our knowledge and experience we add to value, and together with our partners we create mutual benefits.

4. Event Management & Investor Day Organization

Alongside regulation, usually companies that prefer to be viewed as serious and want to develop its relations with shareholders and attract new investors, they make themselves open and ready to organize meetings with different types of stakeholders, fund managers, analysts, advisors and all others to get more in touch with investment community. Invest-in-Serbia acting as platform and doing outsourcing services for some large developed public companies have experience in organizing and managing events related to investors.

Investor day is specific, usually one per year meeting with main shareholders and interested parties and potential investors to get closer and better view and understanding of a business, to see more about new projects and equity issues and connect with the management. This is great way to present your company and new projects to new investors and be able to acquire shareholders thrust, so they believe in you even when times and results are not best and give you enough time to realize your strategy.

5. Conference Calls & Meetings Organization

Informing shareholders, writing letters, notes, organizing conference calls for earnings update, answering analysts questions and publishing important announcements is also our expertise. We support management in those events, but we are also able to held complete process with our own resources and free you of time and energy-consuming tasks. We keep in touch with analysts, fund managers, small investors and others that needed to be held in appropriate way in order for the company to create and keep best image, while also controlling costs, efforts, time and resources.

6. Media & Specialized Providers Relations (Bloomberg, Reuters...)

We are able to follow and create pages and profiles and managing those in your benefit on Bloomberg, Reuters, FactSet, S&P Capital IQ and other financial data providers and distributors. We want to establish a stable and quality control of data flow, financial reports, trends, opinions and all other aspects connected with your company and investor community. Following forums, getting in touch with analysts, fund managers, advisors and all others through this network and platforms, we are in position to instantly find and search for important information and to create overall picture of investors opinions and as good as possible investor relations.

7. Financial Analyst & Institutional Investors Relations

Keeping good connections with analysts, research houses, brokerages and institutional investors are very important aspect of investor relations. Having ourselves being analysts and investors, having CFA people in our team, consultants to fund managers, financial advisors, working with the buy and sell sides, give us professional expertise and experience to handle those relations properly. Recognizing what analysts, fund managers and all other different stakeholders in investment business are interested in, what they want and need to know, how they interpret information regarding disclosures, notes, ratios, lines in balance sheet, income statement, and similar, enable us to make timely and rightfully answers on specific questions, to prepare management for those, to present and show information in a way that is eligible with investors and satisfy them.

8. Investors Support & Management

Those activities implies investors database creation and archiving data, following all investors that enter or exit the company and can be of some importance in long or short term, keeping tracks, notes, and consulting. Also, our support comes with getting in touch with investors, negotiations, managing relations with important shareholders and getting new investors.

Different types of investor search and can have different types of goals and influences. We recognize speciif groups, investors, consortiums, etc.. and monitor their activities. Those data are used in defending the company and management, making strategy for defending from the unwanted acquisitions, takeovers etc. We mark positions, number of stocks, dates, trades, connections, their portfolios and all other factors that can provide more info about investors and their strategy and goals regarding your company. Funds, private large investors, small independent shareholders, employees, have different strategies and can influence the share price. If there is a conflict between shareholders and management, which not unusual thing in today's business, we help, discover goals, hidden influence, links and connections, negotiate, secure your position and propose different strategies in dealing with those issues.

On the other side, we do cover all activities on investors side, represent and defend interest of single investors, funds, consortiums and groups, where there is no conflict of interest for us. Analyzing the company, valuing the business, doing due diligence, analyzing the management and its goals, negotiating, and advising investors on best strategies within their positions and the company are some of those activities.

9. Website Design, Development & Optimization

With our IT and creative team, we are able to design, develop and maintain complete website, or investor relations section of the corporate site in order to satisfy regulations and needs of investors and create positive stakeholder image of your company. Our expertise goes from structuring the site/section, designing with corporate identity and brands, implementing all important aspects of investor relations such as financial calendar, share price, announcements, up to creating, delivering and monitoring newsletters, notes, emails, FAQs, financial information, media.

10. Helpdesk, FAQ, & Daily Operations

We maintain helpdesk operations and daily operations in order to free you to focus on your business development. Our team monitor news, information, and is constantly open for receiving questions, calls, requests, emails and ready for answering on those. Unrelated to investors size, group and position, we preserve professional stance to build corporate brand and strong image in investor community.