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Invest-in-Serbia is the unique platform with aim to help those who want to invest, expand or outsource activities to Serbia and Southeastern Europe. We are also able to support your business anywhere you want on a global level through different cost-effective knowledge services.

We provide wide range of services and act also as investors hub for the opportunities in SEE region. Our area of expertise goes from representing the investors, through legal, administrative, marketing, and financial services to complete their investments and help business development.

With our strong network of foreign and domestic partners, local market knowledge, specialized management and financial advisory services, we create decision support system for the top management. We help importers as well as exporters. Our HR services find and coordinate best people in order to stablish well-organized cost efficient centers. We have full infrastructure platform, from legal and finance to IT areas in order to develop and expand your business. If needed, we provide full service that encompass whole project from scratch to top.

Supporting companies at every stages of development and post-development is not limited to Serbia, but we cover Balkan region and ex-Yu states. Establishing Belgrade office as the center for whole Balkan and SEE region at one expense spread influence and cover bigger markets is our recommendation.

In order to discover more ideas and opportunities, connect businesses and investors and help grow their investments, we are very pleased to arrange and organize different types of events, conferences and meetings in a quick and efficient way.

We are very eager and suited for outsource activities too, which is area that is developing at very fast pace. Beside financial services and advisory, we also provide industrial design, engineering, HR services, web & digital marketing solutions and software development both to global players as well as to SME and start-ups.

Wide range of qualified services:

1. Pre-investment Support

Meeting with the Governments, Central Bank...
Fund Raising
Applying for Grants, State Subsidies
Credits, Loans and Bank Guarantees
Other Incentives

2. Organizational Support

Establishing Legal Entity
Banks Accounts, Custody Accounts
Office Space
Back-office Operations
IT Network Administration
Infrastructure Support

3. Marketing and Business Development

Web Design and Development
Marketing Campaigns
Creating Digital, Print and Video Ads

4. Financial Advisory

Investment and Business Valuations
Macroeconomic and Industry Research
Equity Research
Stock Ratings
Financial Reporting
Cash Flow Consulting
Tax Consulting
Investor Relations

5. HR Support

Establishing Teams
Organizing Practice Work, Trainee Programs, Internships, Transfers...
Team Building
Salary and Labor Tax Consulting





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